First annual Trauma Conference International takes place July 14-15


A new conference that brings together trauma leaders from throughout the Americas will take place this month in California. Trauma Conference International (TCI) features expert speakers from Canada, the U.S., Mexico, Colombia and Argentina. The symposium will be held in Coronado, Cal., on July 14 and 15, 2016. It will also be available worldwide via live high-definition simulcast.

“Trauma Conference International is the world’s first truly integrated trauma conference,” said Lila Martinez Ucha, communications and development coordinator at Fundación Trauma. “The conference, in terms of both board/committee membership and speakers, has equal representation from Canada, the United States, and Central and South America.”

Topics covered during the two-day symposium include:

  • Postresuscitation Injury: A Brain Point of View (Alfredo Sierra Unzueta MD / Mexico)
  • Damage Control in Neurotrauma for Low Resources Settings (Andres Rubiano MD / Colombia)
  • Damage Control Celiotomy (Felipe Vega, MD / Mexico)
  • Open Abdomens and Closure (Scott D’Amours MD / Australia)
  • The Truth About Pancreatic Injury in Children (David Notrica, MD / USA)
  • Challenges and Dilemmas in the ICU-Trauma Patient (Jorge Neira MD / Argentina)
  • What’s New in Hepatic Trauma? (Chad Ball MD / Canada)
  • Electronic Injury Surveillance – Real Time Data Capture and Analytics (Morad Hameed MD / Canada)
  • Image-based Resuscitation in Trauma (Paula Ferrada MD / USA/Colombia)
  • The Role of Tourniquets in the Civilian Setting (Juan Duchesne MD / USA)
  • Preparing the Community for Disaster: Hartford Consensus (Peter Rhee MD / USA)

In addition, the conference will include a “keynote debate” on hypotensive resuscitation between David Feliciano, MD and Kenneth Mattox, MD.

All sessions will be available in both Spanish and English via real-time translation. Simulcast attendees will be able to participate in the conference through chat and text messaging.

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