2018 European EVTM Symposium scheduled for June


The second annual European EVTM Symposium will take place June 7-9 in Örebro, Sweden. This conference brings together international experts in resuscitative endovascular balloon occlusion of the aorta (REBOA) and other techniques of minimally invasive resuscitation.

The EVTM Symposium will feature several sessions covering the full range of topics in endovascular resuscitation. Specific presentations and speakers include:

  • Lessons learned from clinical experience and training perspectives over the last 5 years (Brenner)
  • Vascular access for non-vascular surgeons and non-interventional radiologists (Vogl)
  • Never do REBOA for chest or CNS injuries? True or myth? (Williams)
  • En route transfer REBOA on the battlefield (Keränen & Handolin)
  • Civilian prehospital REBOA: Update on current world status (Sadek & Matsamura)
  • Subclavian, axillary and neck vessels: Technical aspects to hemostasis in the EVTM era (Duchesne)
  • Training for fast vascular access: How fast? What is safe? What to consider and how to teach? (Eefting)
  • Indications for REBOA and embolization in PPH: When/how? (Søvik)
  • What complications to expect after an endovascular procedure (Skoog)
  • Imaging: CT, angio and hybrid/semi-hybrid suites: What’s out there and what’s on the horizon? (Taudorf)

According to conference founder Tal Hörer, MD, PhD, associate professor of surgery at Örebro University Hospital & University, the EVTM Symposium fills a critical gap in continuing trauma education.

“Many trauma congresses have a small amount of information about using endovascular tools to treat bleeding patients. But most of the time this information is quite old and not up to date with new technologies,” Dr. Hörer said. “The EVTM Symposium is the only conference dedicated to endovascular resuscitation and new technologies and data in this area.” (Read the full interview with Dr. Hörer.)

In addition to discussions of cutting-edge technique, the EVTM Symposium provides practical information for developing endovascular trauma capabilities at a healthcare facility. (To explore this topic, read How to build an endovascular trauma program at your hospital.)

For complete information on the European EVTM Symposium, click here. To sign up to attend the event, visit the official EVTM registration page.

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