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2019 Pan-American EVTM Symposium scheduled for November


The second Pan-American Endovascular Resuscitation and Trauma Management (EVTM) Symposium will take place in Denver on November 17-18, 2019.

The EVTM Symposium is the only conference dedicated to the exploration of catheter-based approaches to treating injured and acutely ill patients. Its goal is to provide a dynamic forum for provocative discussion and debate with leaders in the evolving field of endovascular trauma management.

Sessions at this fall’s Pan-American EVTM Symposium will include:

  • Endovascular Resuscitation and Trauma Management in 2019: A Trauma Leader’s Perspective (Ernest Moore)
  • Pre-Hospital EVTM Applications in the Civilian Realm: Challenges and Opportunities (Laura Moore)
  • The Role of the Emergency Medicine Provider in EVTM (Zaf Qasim)
  • REBOA As a Transfer Adjunct? (Joe Galante)
  • High-Risk OB and REBOA in the US: Present Status and Future Studies (Karin Fox)
  • REBOA Use in Medical Arrest: An Update (James Daley)
  • Hybrid OR Utilization: The Shock Trauma Experience (Jonny Morrison)
  • Splenic Embolization: Who, When, How (Ben Zarzaur)
  • Early ECMO for Trauma in 2019 (William Teeter)
  • Partial Occlusion Catheters: Promise and Initial Data (Marty Schreiber)
  • Building the Ideal Study of REBOA: Present Challenges and Future Opportunities (Bellal Joseph)
  • Prehospital Use of REBOA in the Military: Fact or Fiction (Jen Gurney)
  • Complications of REBOA: Why Vascular Surgeons Need to Stay Involved in This Technology (Greg Magee)

For a complete list of topics and speakers, download the 2019 Pan-American EVTM Symposium Program

For more information about the upcoming conference, visit the Pan-American EVTM website.

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