2 Courses: Give your trauma registrars a strong start, or take them to the next level


Pomphrey Consulting offers online education opportunities that help you get the most out of your trauma registrars — whether they are brand-new or have years of experience.

Our Trauma Registrar Mentorship (TRM) Course is designed to provide a solid foundation and standardized work approach for the new trauma registrar. The course covers data management, in-depth anatomy, coding in ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS, scaling and scoring systems (ISS, POS, RTS and GCS), an introduction to AIS principles, data validation, report writing and more. This 5-week program consists of 32 lectures (live and recorded), quizzes, homework and faculty Q&A. It has been approved by the American College of Surgeons as meeting the trauma registrar course requirement of CD 15-7.

Our Trauma Advanced Registrar Prep (TARP) course is designed to build the knowledge and critical thinking skills of an experienced registrar. Students learn advanced concepts in performance improvement, data management, reporting, data analysis and data standards. This 4-week course is designed for trauma registrars with at least two years of experience who have already taken the AIS course. Students can also use this course to prepare for the CSTR exam.

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